It’s Impossible to use One Square Or Less of Toilet Paper


Did you ever hear about the singer and environmentalist, Sheryl Crow, saying we should only use one square of toilet paper on every trip to the toilet?

I don’t know if she was having a laugh. Or really expected people to take her up on her idea.

Don’t you agree it is impossible to do your business with one square of toilet paper?

In my research, most people use at least 22 sheets.


When you think about it…

Many people lay a wad on the top of the water to reduce splashing.

Some layer the seat to reduce the shock of a cold seat.

Some people need to wipe down the seat before sitting down…

Any of these preparation steps would already bust the ‘One Square Or Less of Toilet Paper’ logic.

The Crazy Environmental Costs of Toilet Paper


Whenever you’re next in the disposable toilet paper aisle at your supermarket. Just look at the mountains of rolls which were once beautiful trees.

If you buy the 100% post-consumer variety of toilet tissue (98% of tissue is made from virgin trees), the problem is even worse.

Then of course there is all the bleach and chemicals used to make it ‘whiter than white’.

Remember, those chemicals on your ‘dainty private parts’ is not a good idea.

Any wonder there are so many ‘modern illnesses’ when we swamp our lifestyles with needless chemicals.

If we look at the numbers for toilet paper usage in America, the data is quite unbelievable.  Toilet paper statistics tell us that every year in America:

  • Almost 40 billion rolls of toilet paper are used
  • Around 27 million trees are pulped (National Geographic)
  • 515 billion gallons of water are used to produce the toilet paper
  • 287,000 tons of the chemical chlorine are used to bleach the toilet paper
  • 4 terawatts of electricity is wasted in the production of toilet paper


This is a staggering waste of resources. And doesn’t even mention the immeasurable amounts of fuel for the trucks to stock our supermarkets every week, and your own fuel to go buy this product week on week, year-after-year.

Also, this is just for the USA. What about all the environmental wastage for the UK, Canada, and Australia?

All this data provides even more motivation to find ways to at least cut back on toilet paper usage.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Then there’s the heavy cost of toilet paper…

A jumbo pack of 24 rolls is not cheap by any standards these days.

Ok, I know you are eager to find out about this solution which I’m strongly recommending to you today…

So let’s dive straight in…


Is There A Solution To Toilet Paper Hell?

The toilet paper industry is a multi-billion dollar per year enterprise.

But they’ve had their time.

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Why Do People Still Use Toilet Paper?

We are all brain washed by the massive toilet paper corporations.

After a lifetime of being exposed to their phony advertisements for the softest toilet paper in the known universe, it is hard to overcome the programming.


You can give up toilet paper altogether, if you use a towel for drying.

Or at least, just use a piece or two to dry with.

But when you are shower fresh clean after using the Shattaf bidet sprayer you really don’t need any.


Free yourself from that scratchy, abrasive, expensive, tree killing, toilet paper forever.


Thanks, Sheryl, but no thanks…


We want to be ‘properly’ clean after every toilet visit with The Shattaf bidet sprayer!!

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Always Dedicated to Your Awesome Life,

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Shattaf Bidet Sprayers


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