Day 9: “But Shattaf Bidet Sprayers waste water…”

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“Let me boil it down…

In the next 7-minutes you could have, in your own hands, a step-by-step formula for living a far happy, healthier life, turning a once laborious task into gold.”

But first let me explain why I started this blog series…

One of the biggest fallacies I read about Shattaf Bidet Sprayers, and one that really needs explaining is…

“But don’t Shattaf Bidet Sprayers waste water…”

Yes, Shattaf Bidet Sprayers use water.

There are some people on the internet who think that bidet sprayers waste water.

Obviously, there is an amount of water used every time you use your sprayer.

However, the amount of water used is minimal when compared with the millions of gallons of water used to produce toilet paper every year.

In my studies, bidet sprayers use only 150-250 ml of water with every use, so perhaps 1.0 to 1.5 litres per day.

The average toilet, even the economical flushing toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush…

“In my book ‘The Book on Shattaf Bidet Sprayers’ I go into an intensive detail about how much water bidet sprayers save over toilet paper, especially when you educate yourself with my simple steps to change your toilet habits as you make the switch to bidet sprayers.”

Also, we use water to wash every other part of our bodies so why would we restrict ourselves a little water to clean our most private parts?

A no brainer when you think about it.

In fact I think those useless comments about water wastage, are, well useless…

Just worthless comments written by keyboard warriors who have no idea about the real facts…

These will be the same people who waste thousands of gallons of water every year due to their wasteful habits…

“Don’t risk living a life plagued by perpetual pain and discomfort from rough old toilet paper.”

Greg Noland

A little bit of information for you..

Let’s call it a golden secret few seem to know about…

Especially useful if you’re concerned that your Shattaf Bidet Sprayer will increase your water usage.

Are you ready to hear it?

Ok, here it is…

“Try flushing your toilet less!”

Is that it?? You might ask…

Yes, oh so simple, but few people know about it…

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You might have heard the term “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down”.

I’ve followed this principle for years now, and have saved thousands of gallons of water over the years.

Even if you only flushed your toilet once less per day, your water use from your bidet sprayer would equal out.

The National Geographic claims about 26 billion gallons of water are used each day in the United States, of which about 6 billion gallons is used to operate toilets.

The size of toilet tanks vary, but let’s say yours is 1.6 gallons.

If you only flushed one time less per day, that would be a saving of over 584 gallons.

If you flushed 2 times less per day that would save 1,168 gallons over a year.

Remember, that is only talking about how much you could save.

How much could your whole family save over a year if you tried this new approach?

How about if 50 million people in a country flushed only one time less per day.

This would save an astronomical amount of water.

I would also like to add, it wouldn’t take much effort to flush two or three times less per day.

Please give it a try.

One more thing…

Are You Still Sitting on The Fence About Purchasing Your Own Bidet Sprayer?

Do you ever rationalize — you know, make up excuses for not taking action?

And then — now, be honest — do you ever PROCRASTINATE?

Whether YOU admit to this all-too-human set of behaviors, you can be certain that this is exactly what most people will do.

WILL you?

I know it’s super easy to do nothing, given half a chance.

Hey – but don’t let this happen to you! 🙂

Here’s one way to stop you from procrastinating, and help you take action…

Think about this…

“Don’t risk living a life plagued by perpetual pain and discomfort from rough old toilet paper.”

And before you try to convince yourself, that the expensive still is soft and fluffy…

Don’t kid yourself…

Give yourself the gift of healthy abundance – not just today, but as far into the future as you like.

With the Shattaf Bidet Sprayer…

Click the button below and get ready to start enjoying every trip to the bathroom…

Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

Founder, CEO & Author

Shattaf Bidet Sprayers Ltd


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